Jesus Through the Word: 1 Corinthians

Monday October 22, 2018
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Week Forty Two: 1 Corinthians
  1. Factions (1-4)
  2. Sin and Solutions (5-10)
  3. Right Worship (11-14)
  4. The Resurrection (15)
  5. Final Thoughts (16)
“I appeal to you, brothers…” (1:10-13)
The Source of Factions (1:18-25)
The Folly of Factions (3:1-9)
The Answer to Factions (2:1-5)
A Right View of Leadership (4:14-20)
Sins and Solutions
Vile Sexual Immorality (5:1-2, 9-13)
Flee! (6:12-20)
Marriage as Safeguard (7:1-5)
Taking Grievances Outside the Church (6:1-8)
Food Offered to Idols (8:1-6)
Again, Flee! (10:14-22)
Run the Race (9:24-27)
Whatever You Do (10:31-11:1)
Right Worship
Creational Structures (11:2-12)
False Communion (11:17-22)
True Communion (11:23-29)
Body Life (12:12-20)
Spiritual Gifts (12:4-11, 27-31))
Love (13)
Prophecy and Tongues (14:1-5))
God of Peace (14:26-33)
The Resurrection
First Importance (15:3-6)
If… Then… (15:12-19)
But, in Fact (15:20-28)
How are the Dead Raised? (15:35-49)
Glory upon Glory (15:50-58)
Who is Jesus?
Their Lord and Ours (1:2)
Our Sustainer (1:4-9)
Power to Save (1:18)
Stumbling Block and Folly (1:23-25)
The Crucified Christ (2:1-5)
The Wisdom of God (2:6-16)
Our Passover Lamb (5:7-8)
Our Justification (6:9-11)
The Spiritual Rock (10:1-4)
Our Spiritual Food (10:16-17)
Our Head (11:3; 12:12)
Our Life (15:22)
Our Victory (15:57)
What is this book about?
Paul’s first letter to the church in Corinth, while addressing an expected array of messiness, furthers our understanding of the Gospel, and reveals to us the power of the Gospel to save and transform the lives of sinners.
How does it point to Jesus?
Jesus, in His earthly ministry, puts on display the “foolishness” and “weakness” of God in order to confound those who would call themselves wise. As the Spirit orients are hearts and lives around Him, the Father draws us into wisdom and right worship and hope in the coming resurrection, so that we might reflect the light and goodness of Jesus in this world.