Jesus Through the Word: 2 Corinthians

Monday October 29, 2018
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Week Forty Three: 2 Corinthians
  1. New Covenant Ministry (1-7)
  2. Needs and Generosity (8-9)
  3. The Apostolic Model (10-12)
  4. Final Words (13)
New Covenant Ministry
Comfort (1:3-7)
Forgiveness (2:5-11)
Aroma of Christ (2:14-17)
Old and New (3:12-18)
Our Light (4:1-6)
Our Hope (4:7-12)
Our Strength (4:16-18)
Our Courage (5:6-9)
Our Identity (5:17-19)
Our Mission (5:20-6:10)
The Temple of God (6:14-7:1)
The Foundation of Generosity (8:8-15)
Cheerfulness in Giving (9:6-15)
Paul as Model
Spiritual Warfare (10:1-6)
Hard Words and Soft Hearts (10:7-11)
New Covenant Priorities (11:21-30)
Strength in Weakness (12:7-10)
Who is Jesus?
Our Comforter (1:3-5)
Our Yes and Amen (1:20-22)
Our Lord and Light (4:5-6)
Our Death and Life (4:8-10)
Our Substitute (5:21)
Our Wealth (8:9)
What is this book about?
In this final letter to the Church in Corinth, Paul explains what it is the Christian has been saved to, what he is to be about as a member of the New Covenant in Christ’s blood, an excellent example of which is pure, cheerful, and delighted generosity with others. Through our own brokenness, the strength of Jesus is made manifest, putting on display the power of God to save.
How does it point to Jesus?
Our weakness serves to showcase of the strength of Jesus; our brokenness, His glory and majesty. We could not save ourselves, even if we had wanted to. But into the darkness of our hearts, God said Let light shine, and now our new lives display the Light that is Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.