Jesus Through the Word: Amos

Monday November 13, 2017
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A. Proclamation of Judgment on Israel and Surrounding Nations (1-2)
     B. Destruction is Coming to Bethel (3)
          C. Condemnation of the Cow-ish Women (4)
               D. Lamentation for Repentance (5)
          C’. Condemnation of the Soft Men (6)
     B’. Destruction of Idolatry (7:1-8:3)
A’. Proclamation of Judgment on Israel, Coming Deliverance (8:4-9:15)
Corrupt Worship
Prostitution (2:7-8)
Bethel will be Destroyed (3:14-15)
“Come and transgress” (4:4-5)
Feasts and Songs (5:21-23)
Abused Power
Cow-ish Women (4:1)
Justice to Wormwood (5:7) 
Soft Men (6:1-6)
Trample the Needy (8:4-6)
God’s Sovereignty
Over Disaster (3:6)
Over Famine and Blight (4:7-11)
Over Nations (6:14)
Where is Jesus?
The Cross (8:9-10 — Matthew 27:45)
The Booth of David (9:11 — John 2:19-22)
The Nations Called by His Name (9:12— Acts 15:16)
What is this book about?
Amos hits hard the idolatry and corruption that had permeated the northern kingdom of Israel, for which judgment from the sovereign hand of God was coming. 
How does it point to Jesus?
Ultimate judgment would fall upon the Only Son of God, destroying the temple of His body; but afterwards, He would be raised again to new and fruitful life, and draw to Himself all the nations called by His name.