Jesus Through the Word: Chronicles

Monday January 23, 2017
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Week Twelve: Chronicles 
1. Genealogies (1 Chronicles 1-9)

     A. Ancient Past (1)
          B. The Tribe of Judah (2-4) 
               C. Other Tribes (5)
                    D. The Tribe of Levi (6)
               C’. Other Tribes (7)
          B’. The Tribe of Benjamin (8)

     A’. Post-Exilic Present (9)
2. David (1 Chronicles 10-29)
3. Solomon (2 Chronicles 1-9)
4. Judah’s Kings (2 Chronicles 10-35)
Beginning with Adam
Judah and Benjamin as Bookends
Levi in Middle
Ending with Returning Remnant
Right Worship
Levites (1.6; 1,23-26)  
Singing (1.16; 1.25) 
The Psalms (1.16)
Saul vs. David 
David and Solomon vs. Rehoboam 
The Descending Gaggle
The King to Come
The Temple
Its Purpose (2.2:5)
—The Beauty of Holiness (1.16:29)
—The Beauty of Right Worship (1.23-26)
—The Beauty of the Lord (2.7:1-3)
A Second Chance (2.36:22-23)
Where is Jesus?
Jesus the Obedient Son (Matthew 4)
Jesus the Righteous King (Hebrews 4:15; Revelation 19:16)
Jesus the Picture of Worship (Matthew 27)
Jesus the Faithful Witness (Hebrews 12)
The Destruction of Jerusalem (Luke 11:49-51 [cf 2 Chronicles 24:20-25]; John 2:18-22)
The Mission of the Church (Matthew 28:18-20 [cf 2 Chronicles 36:22-23])
What is this book about?
Chronicles highlights the central purpose and remaining hope of the nation of Israel, as they return from Babylon to reassemble and begin again as the people of God: they are to obey, live righteously, worship as God defines, and continue as a faithful witness to the nations.
How does it point to Jesus?
Israel by itself cannot fulfill its purpose as the priestly tribe for the sake of the world; a new Israel must come, with the perfect ability to obey, live, worship, and testify in righteousness. This coming New Israel will be not only a new Adam, but a new temple, a new priest, a new king, and a new prophet, declaring the Gospel of the Lord.