Jesus Through the Word: Ephesians

Monday November 12, 2018
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Week Forty Five: Ephesians
  1. Who Are We? (1)
  2. How Are We? (2)
  3. Why Are We? (3)
  4. Therefore… (4)
  5. Walk in Love (5)
  6. Walk in Jesus (6)
All in Christ (1:3-10)
And More (1:11-14)
All in All (1:15-23)
By Grace (2:1-10)
In Christ (2:11-22)
To Reveal (3:1-6)
To Preach (3:7-13)
To Strengthen (3:14-21)
Walk Worthily (4:1-7)
Build One Another Up (4:8-16)
Not as the Gentiles (4:17-24)
Speak the Truth (4:25-32)
Walking in Love
Imitate (5:1-2)
Flee the Darkness (5:3-7)
Walk in the Light (5:8-14)
Walk Carefully (5:15-21)
Wives (5:22-24)
Husbands (5:25-33)
Children (6:1-4)
Servants and Masters (6:5-9)
Walking in Jesus
The Whole Armor (6:10-20)
Final Words (6:21-24)
Who is Jesus?
In Him (1)
Our Life and Peace (2)
The Mystery Revealed (3)
Our Head (4)
Our Example (5)
Our Armor (6)
What is this book about?
Paul unveils the mystery of God that had been hidden for ages past, and does so by concisely laying out the full scope of the Gospel, from transformation to sanctification to final glory.
How does it point to Jesus?
Jesus is the mystery of God, revealed 2000 years ago, as the singular hope for the world. In Him we are given all things, He is our life, our peace, our head, our example, our protection.