Jesus Through the Word: Ezra–Nehemiah

Monday January 30, 2017
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Week Thirteen: Ezra-Nehemiah
  1. Exiles Return (Ezra 1-6)
  2. Ezra’s Reforms (Ezra 7-10) — Now that the 
  3. Nehemiah’s Reforms (Nehemiah 1-7)
  4. Reformation of Community Life (Nehemiah 8-13)
Lesser Magistrates
Cyrus (Ezra 1)
Darius, Ahasuerus, and Artaxerxes (Ezra 4:5-6, Nehemiah 1, 2:6)
The People of the Land (Ezra 4)
Those Beyond the River (Ezra 4)
Tattenai (Ezra 5)
Sanballat and Tobiah (Nehemiah 4, 6)
The Decree of Darius (Ezra 6)
Swords and Shovels (Nehemiah 4:15-18)
Oppression of the Poor (Nehemiah 5)
The Wall is Finished (Nehemiah 6)
Reformation of the Heart
Intermarriage Addressed (Ezra 9)
Ezra Reads the Law (Nehemiah 8) — After the wall is finished
Feast of Booths (Nehemiah 8)
Confession of Sin (Nehemiah 9)
Final Reforms (Nehemiah 13)
Where is Jesus?
A Second Cyrus (Matthew 28:18-20)
Jeshua (Matthew 1:21) 
A Second Ezra (Matthew 5-7; John 6)
A Second Nehemiah (Ephesians 6)
The Joy of the Lord
The Prototype of Acts
What is this book about?
The two books, while each telling a different aspect of the post-exilic story, combine to encourage the Jews that God has not forgotten them, nor will He abandon His promise to them; though they still must obey the law and pursue holiness.
How does it point to Jesus?
God’s faithfulness to His people at this point in their history propels faithful Jews into a high anticipation of the Messiah, who would come and restore them to something even beyond their former glory, something quite beyond their imagination.