Jesus Through the Word: Galatians

Monday November 5, 2018
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Week Forty Four: Galatians
  1. The Gospel is Unique (1)
  2. The Gospel Transforms (2)
  3. The Gospel Fulfills (3-4)
  4. The Gospel Liberates (5)
  5. The Gospel Lives (6)
No Other Gospel
Grace and Peace (1:3-5)
Let Him Be Accursed (1:6-10)
Through Revelation (1:11-12)
Paul’s Own Life (1:23-24)
Paul and Peter (2:11-14)
Not by Works (2:15-16)
New Path to Life (2:17-20)
Sons of Abraham (3:5-9)
Christ the Curse (3:10-14)
One Offspring (3:15-18)
The Law as Guardian (3:23-29)
Sons and Heirs (4:1-7)
Hagar and Sarah (4:21-31)
Freedom in Christ (5:1)
Called to Freedom (5:13-14)
Freedom from the Flesh (5:16-21)
Freedom to the Spirit (5:22-25)
Gospel Life
Gospel Community (6:1-5)
Gospel Living (6:6-10)
Gospel Boasting (6:11-16)
Who is Jesus?
The Gospel Himself (1:11-12)
Our Freedom (2-4-5)
Our Justification (2:16)
Our Life (2:20)
Our Curse (3:13-14)
Abraham’s Offspring (3:16)
The True Israel (3:26-29)
Our New Character (5:22-24)
Our Boast (6:14)
What is this book about?
Paul confronts head on those Jews who were preaching that faith in Jesus was not enough, but needed to be supplemented with strict adherence to the Mosaic Law, by showing how the two systems are mutually exclusive.
How does it point to Jesus?
For Jesus is the fulfillment of that Law — the Mosaic system was itself a foreshadow of something far greater, which has now come. In Him we have life, freedom, and peace with God, by Whom we have been made children and heirs of the promise.