Jesus Through the Word: Haggai

Monday March 12, 2018
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Week Thirty Four: Haggai
A. Rebuild the House! (1)
B. Former and Future Glory (2:1-9)
C. Blessing (2:10-19)
D. A Signet (2:20-23)
Paneled Houses (1:4) 
Consider your ways (1:5-9) 
I am with you (1:13)
Holy Meat, Dead Body (2:12ff) 
Holiness is Obedience (2:18-19) 
The Coming Glory
Fear Not (2:5) 
The Restoration of David (2:20-23)
Where is Jesus?
Yet Once More (2:6ff — Hebrews 12:26) 
The Latter Glory (2:9 — John 2:21)
The True Signet Ring of YHWH (2:20-23 — Matthew 28:18-20)
What is this book about?
Distracted by self-interest, Israel is rebuked for not pursuing their commission to rebuild the Temple. However, after repentance, God once again blesses them and renews his promise of future glory.
How does it point to Jesus?
That future glory is Jesus Himself. He is the temple, He is the King, and in Him all the treasures of the nations are being gathered together.