Jesus Through the Word: Job

Monday February 13, 2017
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Week Fifteen: Job
A. Prologue (Job 1-2)
     B. Job Argues with Three Friends (Job 3-27)
          C. Where Shall Wisdom Be Found? (Job 28)
     B’. Job, Elihu, and God (Job 29-41)
A’. Epilogue (Job 42) 
Legitimate Suffering
Death and Destruction (1)
Physical Health (2)
Man is Born to Trouble (5:7)
Wooden Comfort
Eliphaz (5:13)
Bildad (8:20)
Zophar (11:20)
The Lord Gives and Takes Away (1:21)
Shall We Receive Good and Not Evil? (2:10)
Though He Slay Me, I Will Hope in Him (13:15)
For I Know My Redeemer Lives (19:25)
Bitter Complaints
Let the Day Perish (3:3)
God has Cast Me into the Mire (30:19)
None Can Contend with God (9:3)
There is no Justice (19:6-7)
Let the Almighty Answer Me! (31:35)
God Alone is the Source of Wisdom (28:23-27)
Fear of the Lord—That is Wisdom (28:28)
The Wise in Their Own Heart (37:23-24)
God has the Final Word (38-41)
Where is Jesus?
Jesus’ Own Faith (Hebrews 12:1-2)
Kinsmen Redeemer
Restoration (Mark 10:28-31)
What is this book about?
Though evil and suffering are a reality in this world, there is nothing that happens outside the sovereignty of the Most High God. Wisdom therefore beseeches us to fall down before Him and worship—Fear the Lord, turn away from evil.
How does it point to Jesus?
Though we experience deep suffering, and are unable to fully comprehend the ways of the Almighty, we know the depth of His love for us, the righteousness He has bestowed upon us, the forgiveness we have in Jesus, and finally we know that, like Job, after our skin has been destroyed, in our resurrected flesh we will see God—for we know that our Kinsmen-Redeemer lives.