Jesus Through the Word: Jonah

Monday December 4, 2017
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Week Twenty Nine: Jonah
A. Jonah Runs From God (1)
B. Jonah Prays to God (2)
C. Jonah is Reluctant (3)
D. Jonah is Angry (4)
Jonah (1:3)
Storm (1:4)
Sailors (1:14-15)
Fish (1:17)
Nineveh (3:6-9)
Plant (4:6)
Worm (4:7)
East Wing (4:8)
God’s Great Mercy
On the Sailors (1:15)
On Jonah (2:10)
On Nineveh (3:10)
On Jonah Again (4:6)
Perspective and Repentance
Jonah’s Discomfort vs. Nineveh’s Salvation (4)
Jonah as Character vs. Jonah as Author
Where is Jesus?
The Sign of Jonah (Matthew 12:38-42)
— Both slept in the boat during a storm
— Both died and were raised: one temporarily, one eternally
— Both preached repentance
— One was furious at his success, the Other was delighted.
What is this book about?
Jonah is challenged to broaden his understanding of the scope of God’s purposes for redemption, that while Israel is His chosen people, God desires all men to reach repentance.
How does it point to Jesus?
Jonah, and his story, foreshadows a greater Jonah, One who will die, and three days later, be raised from the dead, never to die again, bringing both repentance and forgiveness to His people.