Jesus Through the Word: Kings

Monday January 16, 2017
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Week Eleven: Kings
The Golden Age of the South (1 Kings 1-11) 
The Rise of the North (1 Kings 12-16) 
Elijah and the Beginning of Omride Dynasty (1 Kings 17-2 Kings 1) 
Elisha’s Miracles of Restoration (2 Kings 2-8:6) 
Elisha and End of Omride Dynasty (2 Kings 8:7-13:25) 
The Fall of the North (2 Kings 14-17) 
The Fall of the South (2 Kings 18-25) 
Proper/False Worship
God’s House vs. Baal’s House (1.5-8/1.16) 
God’s Servant vs. Baal’s Servants (1.18)
Eden to Exile
Deuteronomy 27-28
Nathan (1 Kings 1) 
Ahijah (1 Kings 11) 
The Man of God and the Old Prophet (1 Kings 13) 
Jehu (1 Kings 16) 
Elijah (1 Kings 17ff) 
Micaiah and the False Prophets (1 Kings 22)
Elisha (2 Kings 2ff) 
Where is Jesus?
Elijah—John the Baptist, Elisha—Jesus
Elijah—Jesus, Elisha—Disciples 
Solomon—Jesus (Matthew 12:42)
Temple—Jesus (John 2:18-22)
Kings — Jesus (Acts 2:34-36)
The Remnant (Romans 11:3-4)
What is this book about?
Given that the book of Kings was written during the time of the Exile, and recounts Israel’s sordid history from David to that moment, it answers the not unreasonable question: “Did God fail?”, and answers it overwhelmingly in the negative. The sovereign hand of God is seen throughout this book to “change times and seasons; to remove kings and set them up” (Daniel 2:20).
How does it point to Jesus?
The book of Kings shows, clearly and without a shadow of doubt, that merely human kings can never succeed in matters of ultimate salvation. Someone greater must come, some Son of David must rise and establish God’s people in righteousness and purity of worship.