Jesus Through the Word: Lamentations

Monday May 8, 2017
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Week Twenty Two: Lamentations
A. Zion desolate (1:1-11)

    B. Zion betrayed (1:12-22)

          C. Jehovah’s wrath did this (2:1-8)

               D. All suffer, from princes to infants (2:9-12)

                    E. Zion should cry out to Jehovah (2:13-22)

                        F. Jehovah has afflicted (3:1-20)

                              G. Jehovah’s great love (3:21-32)

                         F’. Jehovah afflicts men (3:33-39)

                    E’. I cry out to Jehovah (3:40-66)

              D’. All suffer, from princes to infants (4:1-10)

          C’. Jehovah’s wrath did this (4:11-16)

    B’. Zion betrayed (4:17-22)

A’. Zion desolate (5:1-22)
Poetic Elements
Acrostic Schemes
3/2 Pattern Small 
3/2 Pattern Large 
Shift in Voice
The Center — F’ (3:33, 38); E’ (3:58-66); B’ (4:21-22); A’ (5:19)
Poetic Power
Inspired Lament
Central Hope
Steadfast Love — 3:22ff
The Lord is Sovereign — 3:33. 38
Redeemer and Judge — 3:58-59
Punishment is Accomplished — 4:22
The Lord Reigns — 5:19
For the Multitude of Her Transgressions — 1:5
Sinned Grievously/Become Filthy — 1:8
He Has Carried out His Word — 2:17
Why Should a Living Man Complain — 3:39
Punishment is Accomplished — 4:22
We Must Pay for the Water We Drink — 5:4
Wait for God — 3:25
Wait in Silence — 3:26
Where is Jesus?
The Steadfast Love of the Lord — 3:22 (Micah 7:19-20; John 3:16-17)
Redeemer and Judge — 3:58 (Romans 3:26)
Punishment is Accomplished — 4:22 (Romans 8)
Christ Reigns Forever — 5:19 (Isaiah 6; Revelation 7:10-17)
What is this book about?
Zion has sinned grievously, and made herself filthy, bringing upon her the just judgment of her destruction. However, even through the storm clouds of sorry and holy lament, the lodestar of God’s steadfast love shines through.
How does it point to Jesus?
The sin of Israel is our own; the destruction of Jerusalem a picture of what we deserved. But the steadfast love of the Lord saw fit to crush us in Jesus, the true Israel, thereby crushing the sin, and giving life to the sinner. Because of that central hope, we too can have joy and confidence in the midst of even our bitterest trials and pain.