Jesus Through the Word: Luke/Acts

Monday June 18, 2018
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Week Thirty Nine: Luke/Acts
The Ministry of Jesus
A. Conception and Birth of Ministry (Luke 1-4)

   B. Ministry at Home (Luke 5-9)

          C. Journey Toward Goal (Luke 10-21)

              D. Passion, Death, Burial (Luke 22-23)

                   E. Resurrection and Ascension (Luke 24 - Acts 1)

The Ministry of the Apostles
A’. Conception and Birth of Ministry (Acts 1-2)

    B’. Ministry at Home (Acts 3-7)

         C’. Journey Toward Goal (Acts 8-20)

               D’. Passion, Imprisonment of Paul (21-27)
                    E’. Peace and Ministry in Rome (28)
Jesus and His Reflections
Jesus (Luke 1-Acts 2) — Birth, Preaching, Teaching, Miracles, Death, Resurrection, Ascension, Birth of Church
Peter — Acts (2-5, 10-12) — Preaching, Miracles, Imprisonment, Growth of Church
Stephen (Acts 6-8) —Teaching, Condemnation of Sin, Martyrdom, Growth of Church
Paul — (9, 13-28) — Re-birth, Preaching, Miracles, Imprisonment, Growth of Church
Eating with Levi (Luke 5:30)
Eating with Simon the Pharisee (Luke 7:36)
Eating with the 5000 (Luke 9:10)
Eating with Host Families (Luke 10:8)
Eating with a Pharisee (Luke 11:37)
Eating with a Ruler of the Pharisees (Luke 14)
Eating with His Disciples (Luke 22)
Eating with Disciples in Emmaus (Luke 24)
Eating After the Resurrection (Luke 24:41-42)
Eating with One Another (Acts 2:42, 46)
Eating Unclean Animals (Acts 10:13)
Eating and Worship (Acts 20)
Eating on the Ship (Acts 27)
Ministry to the Poor
Proclaim Good News to the Poor (4:18)
Healing Many (Luke 4:40; 5:12; 7:1 — Acts 3:1; 9:32)
Preaching the Kingdom
Who are the Poor (Luke 5:31)

Who is Jesus?
Son of God, Second Adam
Lord of the Marriage Feast
Healer of the Nations
King of the World

What is this book about?
In this dual volume dedicated to Theophilus, Luke gives a thorough compilation of the history of the Church, starting with its origins in the birth John the Baptist and Jesus, all the way through the preaching of Paul in Rome.
How does it point to Jesus?
Jesus, in Luke/Acts, as the Son of God, is the second and final Adam who has come to establish a new humanity, the kingdom of Heaven, which is made of men and women from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation. He is the center of our fellowship, in whom we have ultimate unity and peace.