Jesus Through the Word: Malachi

Monday April 2, 2018
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Week Thirty Six: Malachi
1. Six Debates

a. How Have You Loved Us? (1:1-5)

b. How Have We Despised Your Name? (1:6-2:9)

c. Why Does He Not (Regard Our Offerings)? (2:10-16)

d. How Have We Wearied Him? (2:17-3:5)

e. How Shall We Return? (3:6-12)

f. How Have We Spoken Against You? (3:13-15)
2. The Book of Remembrance (3:16-18)
3. The Coming Day (4:1-6)

Jacob, not Esau (1:2-5)
Polluted Sacrifices (1:6-2:9)
The Covenant of Peace (2:4-7)
Mixed and Broken Marriages/Idolatry (2:10-16)
Inversion of Righteousness (2:17, 3:5)
Tithes and Trust (3:6-12)
Another Malachi (3:1-2)
The Book (3:16-18)
Burning Like an Oven (4:1-6)
Where is Jesus?
Jacob, Not Esau (1:2 — Romans 9:13)
The Coming of Elijah (3:1, 4:5 — Matthew 11:14)
We are Levi (1 Peter 2)
Book of Remembrance (3:16 — Revelation 20:12-15)
The Sun of Righteousness (4:2 — John 12:46) 
Treading the Wicked (4:3 — Romans 16:20)
What is this book about?
The Jews, despite having continually received the mercy and steadfast love of the Lord, have grown cold in their worship and walk. Nevertheless, the Lord will renew their hearts, and purify the sons of Levi, establishing once more right worship in the land. Malachi 1:11 will be fulfilled.
How does it point to Jesus?
In Jesus, we have become the sons of Levi; we are the ones who have been purified and made whole for the purpose of offering right worship to the Lord and bringing the nations before His throne. For Jesus has risen to new life with healing in His wings, and by His resurrection we have been made eternally alive in Him.