Jesus Through the Word: Matthew

Monday May 21, 2018
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Week Thirty Seven: Matthew
1. Intro to Ministry (1-7)
2. Ministry on the Road (8-10)
3. The Kingdom (11-13)
4. Kingdom Authority (14-18)
5. Jerusalem (19-25)
6. Death, Burial, Resurrection (26-28)
Jesus is Israel
Genealogy (1)
Birth/Out of Egypt (1-2)
Baptism (3)
Temptation (4)
Sermon on the Mount (5-7)
Twelve Disciples/New Canaan (10)
Building the Kingdom (13)
The Davidic King (21)
Prophetic Ministry (23-25)
Exile (26-27)
Return & Proclamation (28)
The Kingdom
Seek the Kingdom (6)
Kingdom is at Hand (10)
The Kingdom is Like… (13)
Go Build (28)
On the Mount (5-7)
Apostles (10)
Kingdom is Like (13)
Kingdom Life (18)
Seeds and Soils (13)
Two Sons (21)
Faithful and Worthless Servants (25)
Who is Jesus?
Obedient Son
King With Authority
Fierce with Wolves
Tender with Sheep
What is this book about?
Matthew gives us a thorough, detailed eyewitness account of the life of Jesus. He covers the teachings, parables, and miracles of Jesus, beginning with His birth, and culminating with His ascension.
How does it point to Jesus?
As the first word from the Spirit after centuries of silence, Matthew gives us a very Jewish Gospel — for Jesus is the new Israel, He is the fulfillment of everything Israel was supposed to be. As a faithful Son of God He is also therefore the Abrahamic hope of the nations.