Jesus Through the Word: Micah

Monday December 11, 2017
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Week Thirty: Micah
1. Hear You Peoples (1-2)
Warning (1)
Judgment (2:1-11)
Hope (2:12-13)
2. Hear You Heads of Jacob (3-5)
Warning/Judgment (3)
Hope (4-5)
3. Hear What the Lord Says (6-7)
Warning (6)
Lament over Judgment (7:1-7)
Hope (7:8-20)
False Teachers
Do Not Preach! (2:6)
Uttering Wind and Lies (2:11) 
Without Vision (3:5-6)
Prophets for Hire (3:11)
Idolatry Leads to Wickedness
Samaria & Jerusalem (1:5-7)
Strip the Rich Robe (2:8)
Hate the Good/Love the Evil (3:2-3)
Rulers Detesting Justice (3:9)
True Worship Leads to Righteousness
What is Good (6:6-8)
Final Hope
Like Sheep in a Fold (2:12-13)
The Mount of the Lord (4:1-5)
The Lame and the Weak Made Strong (4:6-7)
Rejoice Not My Enemy (7:8-10)
Made Like the Serpent (7:16-17)
Where is Jesus?
He Himself Will Come Down (5:10-15)
Bethlehem (5:2 — Matthew 2:6)
The Latter Days (4:1-2 — Hebrews 1:1-4))
Enmity (7:6 — Matthew 10:36)
Who is a God Like You (7:18-20)
What is this book about?
God’s people have refused to endure sound teaching, accumulating for themselves teacher to suit their own passions (2 Timothy 4:3), and so judgment will come. That judgment will look like God Himself coming down to make things right.
How does it point to Jesus?
God did come down, in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. He came to destroy all our idols, rooting them out of our hearts, pardoning iniquity, passing over transgression, casting into the depths of the sea all of our sins. He came in great faithfulness to the promises He swore in the days of old.