Jesus Through the Word: Nahum

Monday February 5, 2018
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Week Thirty One: Nahum
The Lord’s Wrath (1:1-13)
The Lord’s Command (1:14-2:13)
The Lord’s Word of Woe (3)
The Character of God (1:2-8)
Slow to Anger
Great in Power
A Stronghold
The Seriousness of Sin
The Bloody City (3:1-4)
Unceasing Evil (3:19)
Holy Wrath
Poured Out Like Fire (1:6)
Wasted in Nineveh (3:7)
The Fire Will Devour You (3:15)
Vengeance is Mine 
Takes Vengeance on His Adversaries (1:2)
I Will Make Your Grave (1:14)
I Am Against You (2:13)
I Will Throw Filth At You (3:5-6)
Where is Jesus?
Freedom From Slavery (1:13 — Isaiah 9:4)
Good News! (1:15 — Romans 10:15)
The Majesty of Israel (2:2 — Hebrews 1:3 )
What is this book about?
Sin is serious. Even though the divine law was revealed to Israel, the surrounding nations were still accountable to God for their crimes. Therefore God’s prophets had the authority to pronounce judgement upon them.
How does it point to Jesus?
We are all children of Nimrod, but in Christ we have been destroyed on the cross; we have now been set free from slavery by the power of the gospel, our sin being dealt with to the full extent of the law in Jesus.