Jesus Through the Word: Obadiah

Monday November 27, 2017
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Week Twenty Eight: Obadiah
A. Edom Will Be Brought Down (v.1-9)
B. Because Edom Despised His Brother (v. 10-14)
C. The Day of the Lord is Near (v.15-18)
D. The Kingdom Shall Be the Lord’s (v.19-21)
Pride of Heart (3)
Who will Bring Me Down? (3)
Soar Like the Eagles (4)
Violence Against Jacob (10)
Stood Aloft (11)
Like One of Them (11)
As You Have Done (15)
As You Have Drunk (16)
Esau Shall Be Stubble (18)
The Kingdom
They Shall Possess Mount Esau (17-19) 
Saviors shall Rule from Zion (21)
Where is Jesus?
Younger Brother (10 — Genesis 25:23; Romans 5:14, 9:12-13; 1 Corinthians 15:22, 45)
Those Who Escape… (17 — Joel 2:32/Acts 2:16)
Shall Possess (17-20 — Amos 9:11-12/Acts 15:12-21) 
Saviors Shall Ascend (21 — John 12:32)
The Kingdom of the Lord (21 — Psalm 22:28, 82:8 ; Daniel 2:44, 7:14, 27; Zechariah 14:9; Matthew 28:18-20; Revelation 11:15)
What is this book about?
The descendants of Esau despised and derided the descendants of Jacob in their day of destruction, and therefore will receive just judgment for their sin: they too will be delivered over to exile and the remnant of Judah will possess their lands.
How does it point to Jesus?
Jesus, the younger Adam was derided and despised by the older Adam throughout His life, culminating on the cross; but He has triumphed, ascended to His throne, and is now, through the church, taking possession of the land, through the conquest of the Gospel. Edom, through that death and resurrection, has become Jacob. The Old Man had died; the New Man now lives. The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever.”