Jesus Through the Word: Romans

Monday October 15, 2018
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(NB: Apologies about the incomplete nature of the audio. Technical difficulties descended and did their thing, thus cutting off the last 20 minutes of the study.)

Week Forty One: Romans
  1. Sin and Condemnation (1-3)
  2. Justification by Faith (4-5)
  3. Sanctification and New Life (6-8)
  4. Sovereignty Unpacked (9-11)
  5. Righteousness Applied (12-15)
  6. Final Greetings (16)
All Have Sinned
Suppressed the Truth in Unrighteousness (1:18)
Worship Creature rather than Creator (1:25)
No Excuse (2:1)
None is Righteous (3:10-18)
All Have Sinned (3:23)
Faith and Grace
Just Live by Faith (1:16-17)
Righteousness through Faith (3:21-22)
Justified by Grace (3:24)
Justified by Faith (4:5)
Promises through Faith (4:13)
Why Faith? (4:16)
Peace through Faith (5:1-5)
Faith Comes by Hearing (10:5-17)
Jew Inwardly (2:28-29)
Not All From Israel Belong to Israel (9:6)
Gentiles to Make Jews Jealous (11)
New Life
Dead to Sin (6:1-4)
Slaves to Righteousness (6:15-18)
No Condemnation (8:1)
Heirs with Christ (8:12-17)
The Love of God (8:31-39)
Just and Justifier (3:26)
All Things (8:28-30)
Election (9:16)
Potter/Clay (9:19-24)
Personal Holiness
Living Sacrifice (12:1-2)
Spiritual Gifts (12:3-8)
Live Well (12:9-21)
Submit to God (13)
Weaker Brother (14)
Who is Jesus?
The Judge of All Secrets (2:16)
Our Redeemer and Propitiation (3:23-26)
Our Peace (5:1)
Our Reconciliation (5:11)
The Life of the World (5:15-21)
Our Death, Burial and Resurrection (6:3-4)
Our Free Gift of Life (6:23)
The Love of the Father to Us (8:39)
Our Righteousness (13:14)
Servant of the Jews (15:8)
Servant of the Gentiles (15:9-13)
What is this book about?
Paul gives us a tour-de-force of a letter, one long sustained argument unpacking the nature of the Gospel in its fullest sense; here we see our sin, God’s righteousness, the nature of faith, the gift of grace, God’s sovereignty, and the call for us to live lives of holiness saturated in gratitude.
How does it point to Jesus?
In the book of Romans, Jesus is our Redeemer, our Savior, our Peace, our Life, our Righteousness, our Servant, our Master, our Lord; He is the love of the Father poured out on us, He is both Just and the Justifier, He is the very wisdom and grace of God.