Jesus Through the Word: Zechariah

Monday March 26, 2018
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Week Thirty Five: Zechariah
1. Setting the Stage (1:1-6)
2. Night Visions (1:7-6:15)
A. The Horseman (1:7-17)

B. Horns and Craftsmen (1:18-21)

C. The Measurer (2:1-13)
D. Joshua (3:1-10)
E. Zerubbabel (4:1-14)
F. The Flying Scroll (5:1-4)
G. The Woman in the Basket (5:5-11)

H. Four Chariots and the Branch (6:1-15)
3. Teaching (7-8)
4. Prophecy (9-14)
A. The Shepherd King (9-11)
B. A World Saved (12-14)
Return to the Lord! (1:3)
Return from your evil ways (1:4)
Thieves and False Swearers (5:1-4)
Render True Judgments (7:8)
Show Kindness and Mercy (7:8)
Holiness in the Heart (7:10)
Steadfast Love
Exceedingly Jealous for Jerusalem (1:14-16) 
The Apple of His Eye (2:8)
His Flock (10:3)
The King is Coming (9:9)
Like Jewels of a Crown (9:16)
I Will Cut Off the Idols (13:2)
Where is Jesus?
Joshua/Zerubbabel (3-4)
The Branch (6:12-15)
King Riding on a Donkey (9:9)
The Pierced One (12:10)
The Shepherd (13:7)
Living Waters (14:8)
The King (14:9)
What is this book about?
While God promises to be with His people during the years following their return to exile, both protecting them from without and purifying them from within, a greater salvation than they have ever dreamed of is on the horizon.
How does it point to Jesus?
Jesus Christ is the High Priest who sits on the throne of not just Israel, but of the whole world. The kingdoms of the world have become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ. And through His reign, He has brought salvation to the nations of men.