Jesus Through the Word: Zephaniah

Monday March 5, 2018
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Week Thirty Three: Zephaniah
A. Fearful Judgement (1:1-6)
     B. The Day of the Lord (1:7-2:3)
          C. A Word to the Nations (2:4-15)
               D. Woe to Jerusalem (3:1-5)
          C’. Judgement on the Nations (3:6-8)
     B’. The Day of the Lord (3:9-13)
A’. Joyful Restoration (3:14-20)
I will utterly sweep away everything (1:2-3)
I will cut off (1:3, 3:6)
Wail and Woe (1:11, 2:5)
All the more eager (3:7)
The Lord’s Decision (3:8)
The Day of the Lord
…Is Near (1:14-16) 
On that day… (3:11-13) 
Changed Speech (3:9)
I will remove from your midst (3:11)
Joyful Restoration
Sing aloud! (3:14)
The Lord Is in Our Midst (3:15, 17)
I Will (3:18-20)
Where is Jesus?
The Day of the Lord’s Sacrifice (1:7-8)
The Speech of the Peoples (3:9)
The King of Israel in Our Midst (3:15-17)
What is this book about?
The Day of the Lord is coming, and coming soon — but though it brings fierce wrath and judgment, through it God is restoring and establishing a perfect people to be His own possession.
How does it point to Jesus?
Only on the Cross do we see this perfect paradox of judgment and restoration enacted. Jesus is the Lord in our midst, and in Him we have become the delight of God. In Jesus our shame is changed to praise.