dinner and prayer

Dinner at 5:30pm
Prayer at 6:30pm
In the Fellowship Hall
At TBC, we place a premium on fellowship and prayer. Life in Christ can't be lived alone. The New Testament word for fellowship means sharing life together; participating together in the life that Jesus Christ has created for us to walk in. God's Word makes it clear that as the Body of Christ, we need each other. 
There are many opportunities for fellowship during the week, and one of the primary ones is our Wednesday evening family dinner and prayer time. The meal is provided, and always freshly cooked. The time around the dinner tables is rich, warm and full of laughter; like a big family holiday meal. After dinner we circle our chairs together and draw near to our God in prayer. We pray for each other, for our loved ones, and for our church, our community and our world. 
Please come as you are and join us this week!