the house

Like any church, we plan and structure our services in a way that flows out of our understanding of what worship is, and the priorities and goals that we want to accomplish in our services. Suppose you were invited to the White House for a special luncheon. Because of the grand scale of the thing, you would expect to follow a certain protocol, to dress respectfully, and to mind your p's and q's at the table. You would indeed consider it a great honor to be personally invited by the President. And honestly. How cool would that be? Now. What if it were not the President of the United States that offered you an invitation to lunch, but the One who created the President, the One who put Him in power in the first place? And more than the President, He made the entire galaxy, the mountains, all the beetles, and everything in between. What if that Person invited you to lunch?
This is in fact what happens every Sunday. The Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, invites us over to His house every Lord's Day. We come, wipe our feet at the door, and join Him for a time of fellowship in the family room. He has a purpose for our time together, certain things to tell us, certain gifts to give us. He then tells us all that Dinner is served. He feeds us, and after dining at His Table, we are sent back into the world, strengthened and equipped for the service we are created to render.
Our Order of Service, or Liturgy, treads a familiar path each Sunday. God Himself defines that path, and the particular goals which are to be accomplished in the service of His worship. We are called by God to come. As we come, we confess our sins before Him, and confess faith in the reality of His glorious nature and redeeming grace. We are consecrated (a big word that just means washed and made holy) by God who speaks to us and teaches us from His living, active Word. We commune with God at the Lord's Table, remembering and celebrating the culmination of His redemptive work for us on the Cross, and feasting our souls on His grace. We are finally commissioned to go out to the ends of our community, making disciples, teaching them to obey all that He has commanded us to do. Through it all, a constant dialogue is happening - our Heavenly Father proclaiming His life-transforming promises, and we, reveling in His holiness and grace, returning sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving. Our service is packed full of the Word of God: Spoken, Sung, Confessed, Preached, Prayed and Eaten. Join us this Sunday and together let us go up and meet our God.