We consider the worship of God to be of central importance in the life of the believer. The honor and privilege we are given to come before the Creator of Heaven and Earth is not one we take lightly. Some people think of Sunday Morning chiefly as an evangelistic service, meaning that this is the time to bring unbelievers. While all are most certainly welcome, we believe Sunday Morning is the one time in the week set apart to meet as His children. It is, in essence, family time. We set aside the first day of the week, and the first part of that day as an offering, a tithe of our time if you will. We do this because our God has called us to Himself, to bring sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving. This is a very great and high honor. Higher than any honor paid by any human dignitary or person of state.

The God we worship is a holy God. He is a strong God. His throne is established from of old. His right to reign over all things was established in creation, as He spoke, and words became visible, as He spoke and we were formed from the dust. We worship a God who has no time. From before the very foundation of our world, He simply was. We know no other being like Him. His story has no beginning, no middle, and no end. The waves of affliction crash against our shores. The floods of chaos and uncertainty lift up their roaring. The mighty waters of sickness and fatigue thunder and roar. But our God is mightier than the floodwaters. Our God is stronger than the thundering waves of the sea. His throne is fixed and sure. The Lord speaks, and the waves are calmed. Our God is holy. He is like no other. When we come before this great and awesome God, we are undone. We melt at His feet. Indeed, holiness hurts. Holiness goes to the root of our hearts and scrapes clean the decay and rot that we let build up there. Holiness is not safe. But it is good. It is in this goodness that we see its beauty. The same smith who breaks the gold down with melting heat, shapes and fashions it into a stunning crown beset with jewels. And this is the story of our life, the Story our Father-Smith is telling. The affliction of this fallen world, with these fallen bodies is the fire of the forge. Together we are being purified and made clean. The dross of our doubts, and the scum of our sin is being purged away as we grow in maturity in Christ.

This is the God we worship. This is why we worship Him as we do. We come before our God, broken and unclean. Nevertheless we come because He alone is worthy. But as we come, He is faithful to make us whole, to make us clean. Join us as we together honor and magnify the name of our great and holy God.